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Skilled Advocacy For Construction Litigation

Construction can involve numerous moving parts. From initial biddings to negotiating with contractors and subcontractors, projects can take a lot of time, money, labor and resources to complete.

However, construction projects don’t always go according to plan. Disputes can arise and lead to litigation. If you run a construction business, you know that engaging in these disputes can be stressful and create uncertainty for your business.

Deans Stepp Law handles construction litigation and other business disputes for various industries. Our dense understanding of the construction industry and the disputes it can endure allows us to provide effective and tailored legal advocacy for you.

The Construction Litigation Cases We Manage

A few examples include:

  • Scope of work disputes: Disagreements and misunderstandings over the scope of work and project specifications, including those between contractors and subcontractors.
  • Breach of contract disputes: Parties failing to fulfill their contractual obligations. Examples of contract breaches include missing building deadlines, failing to use agreed-upon building materials, failing to follow agreed-upon blueprints and design choices, spending over the agreed-upon project budget, failing to pay agreed upon compensation for a subcontractor’s work.
  • Construction defect disputes: Disagreements over inspection requirements, architectural designs, planning and supervision, or accusations of negligence.

Construction disputes can be daunting and time-consuming. Let the attorneys at Deans Stepp Law guide you through construction litigation with confidence, so you can focus on what’s important.

We Understand The Complexities Of Your Dispute

At Deans Stepp Law, we understand the time and effort it takes to facilitate construction projects and the various legal issues your company can face along the way. During our initial consultation, we work diligently to learn the ins and outs of your organization and how those tie into the legal issue your business faces. Then, we create and implement a legal defense strategy that keeps your best interests in mind.

Facing Construction Litigation? Contact Our Firm Today.

Don’t let construction litigation leave your operations stagnant. You don’t have to settle these disputes alone. Set up a consultation with Deans Stepp Law in our Dallas, Texas, office today by calling 214-572-1957 or emailing us by filling out our contact form.