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Parties to a construction project may need to defend their legal rights

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Breach Of Contract, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

As it continues to grow and progress, the Dallas area will also continue to present plenty of opportunities for construction businesses of all sizes to return a profit.

However, any contracting job has the potential to become a real headache and even a financial burden because of the legal disputes common to construction projects.

The more complicated the project and the more parties involved, the more likely it is that some of these parties will disagree. Likewise, there are many moving parts to a high-stakes construction project, which means much can go wrong even with the best advanced planning.

  • Contractors and subcontractors can get strapped with financial problems and be unable to perform or pay. When one business runs into financial trouble, legal problems can easily flow upstream.
  • On a related point, sometimes there are disagreements when a contractor or subcontractor submits a higher bill than they estimated.
  • Other disputes may include arguments over deadlines, the scope of a contractor or subcontractor’s work or the details of how a part of the project was supposed to be completed.
  • Often, the question becomes: Who is responsible for circumstances that are arguably beyond the control of a construction company? For example, weather and economic conditions can hold up a project.
  • There can be questions about whether a contractor or subcontractor successfully completed their responsibilities.
  • Payment for legitimately earned services performed by the contractor or subcontractor may be unreasonably withheld.
  • There may also be questions about who is responsible for any construction defects discovered either during or after the project.
  • Construction worksites are dangerous. Accidents do happen, and there can be disputes about who is responsible for paying compensation for an injury.

Construction claims often involve complex legal questions with high stakes

Construction claims are often complicated because several different people and businesses with different legal and financial interests are involved.

Construction contracts themselves are complicated documents. Often, interpreting them will require a detailed knowledge of Texas and federal laws and regulations.

The construction business itself has its own standards and industry practices that might not apply to legal disputes involving other industries.

Finally, construction disputes can also involve significant legal risks. Businesses involved in them frequently have substantial money and their reputations on the line.

A Dallas area business or a national firm with ties to a Dallas construction project should make sure they understand all their options, even at the earliest stages of a dispute.

Contact the lawyers at Deans Stepp Law to intervene in your construction dispute early to minimize the financial impact and disruption to your business or property.