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Autonomous 18-wheelers to hit Texas roadways

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Tort Litigation

Because of their size and speed, the safe operation of commercial vehicles is crucial. Now, autonomous trucks are hitting the roads. While there are many advantages to this advancement, there are understandable concerns about it, especially since the Lone Star State will be testing these vehicles. Truck companies that are preparing to use these vehicles must be aware of the possibility of an accident and that they could be held liable for them.

Autonomous trucks are being tested in Texas

Autonomous vehicles being tested in Texas have a driver at the wheel, but the vehicles are working on their own. The driver is there to address problems as they occur. The Texas Department of Transportation is overseeing the rollout. The project’s goal is to increasingly make the vehicles and the roads more tech friendly. The plan is to let the vehicles operate on their own – without safety drivers – by the end of 2024.

Self-driving trucks have been in use for several years, but safety drivers were a constant presence. Their removal will be the next advancement. The roadways will also have various additions such as cameras and sensors. These will warn the truck of potential issues on the horizon.

Although TxDOT and the companies behind the trucks are enthusiastic about the project, those who are sharing the road are fearful. A poll from AAA said that more than two-thirds of respondents were afraid of self-driving vehicles that were fully automated. There is hope that the current program will assuage people’s concerns by showing how the technology is effective and safe.

Truck companies need to be prepared for challenges

A truck company that is using a fully automated vehicle is undoubtedly a pioneer in the industry. However, since the technology is in its infancy, there is a good chance that missteps will occur. If there is an accident and people are injured, the truck company could face trucking liability claims.

For those in this industry who are moving forward with autonomous vehicles, it is wise to be prepared and know how to combat claims of wrongdoing or negligence. This can make a major difference financially and with the company’s reputation to avoid long-term problems.