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Dump truck/sedan collision kills four in Travis County

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Tort Litigation

The Travis County Sheriff’s Department has commenced an investigation into a two-vehicle accident that occurred at the intersection of State Highway 130 and Maha Loop Road near Austin.

The exact circumstances of the collision have not yet been determined, but information released thus far by the Sheriff’s Department provides some clues about the cause of the accident.

The accident

According to early eye-witness statements, the collision between a dump truck and a late-model sedan occurred at what has been described as an extremely unsafe intersection.

The Texas 130 Service Road provides an exit from Pickle Parkway, a divided toll road, and Maha Loop Road is a local road providing access to nearby businesses.

One witness said that she had seen several accidents there and that local authorities must do something to make the intersection safer. She suggested the installation of traffic lights.

The sedan was apparently traveling west on the Maha Loop Road when the truck hit it in the forward section.

Four persons riding in the SUV were pronounced dead at the scene, and the fifth person in the SUV was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

The physical condition of the truck driver and the survivor from the sedan were not disclosed by either the Sheriff’s Department or the receiving hospital.

The Sheriff’s Department indicated that its investigation was continuing.

The sheriff’s investigation

The sheriff’s department will first attempt to determine the respective speeds of the two vehicles. Its next inquiry will be whether any traffic laws were violated.

The damage inflicted upon and suffered by each vehicle will then be closely examined to determine whether excessive speed may have contributed to the collision.


More information will be required before the finger of liability can be confidently pointed at either of the drivers.

Unless a third party emerges as having been involved in the accident, the two drivers remain the most likely subjects for imposition of liability.

Also, if either of the drivers retains an attorney, that attorney may pay for an accident reconstruction specialist to prepare a video reconstruction of the accident. The attorneys at Deans Stepp Law are experienced in coordinating post-accident investigations, often within hours of the accident. If you, your family member or your business has been involved in a major accident, early investigation is critical. Deans Stepp Law will immediately work with their experts to preserve the evidence at the scene.