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Changes to marijuana restrictions might impact truck companies

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Firm News

Truck companies in Texas are vulnerable to legal filings for myriad reasons. Often, this is due to issues with the trucks themselves, driver behavior or because of a truck crash. In recent years, however, a series of new concerns have come up as the laws are being changed dramatically.

With younger truckers being allowed on the road, the increased use of autonomous vehicles and the rising acceptance of marijuana use, it is essential that truck companies are prepared for every eventuality. There is a movement to reclassify marijuana as a less-dangerous drug. This could make it increasingly risky for truck companies amid the possibility of drug-related crashes leading to legal filings.

Industry group expresses concern over marijuana reclassification

The federal government may be preparing to reclassify marijuana based on the Controlled Substances Act. The American Trucking Associations believes this is risky for safety and is opposed to it. One of the vice presidents at ATA who oversees regulation and safety corresponded with various federal departments about this issue prior to the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration requesting comments on the potential changes with marijuana being moved from Schedule I to Schedule III.

Such a decision would not legalize marijuana outright, but it would make its regulation less severe. Since marijuana has been gaining widespread acceptance and being legalized in many states, this is an ongoing debate. Still, truck safety could be hindered if drivers are no longer tested for it. Drivers might feel free to use it before getting behind the wheel. Regardless of its legality, it can negatively impact a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safety. This is worrisome with a large truck.

Truck companies should be prepared for these changes

While this is still being discussed, trucking company liability will undoubtedly be a concern if drivers are able to use marijuana without detection. Accidents because of drug intoxication happen often and people are injured and lose their lives because of it. Trucking companies are at risk when there is an accident and they need to be ready to avoid potential catalysts for crashes and know how to lodge a defense if there is one. Having qualified guidance is imperative.